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What Are These Knots or Adhesions?

Adhesions or commonly referred to as ‘knots’ are build ups in your muscle fibers or your fascia.

Inside your muscles are a a bunch of muscle fibers. These muscle fibers are basically a group of parallel straws bunched together inside the muscle. During muscle performance the fibers move in a parallel fashion to create proper movement. These fibers can become over contracted, or shortened, due to overuse, dehydration, or injury. The contracted area may not hurt at first but as muscle becomes chronically contracted less blood will enter the area and toxins/ waste products will build up in the cell, which will lead to pain. The body will then begin to compensate by tightening in the surrounding areas, leading to more restrictions.

Once these fibers are over contracted they can become mal-aligned which will prevent the proper parallel movement of the fibers and cause restrictions. These restrictions can create tension in your tissue, which will lead to a decrease in range of motion, decrease in muscle performance, and/ or pain. 

Fascia is a densely woven covering of connective tissue, similar to a spider web or a 3D matrix of structural support, that stabilizes, ands separators muscles and other internal organs. It is a continuous network that holds our body together. It is ONE network, ONE connected system. For example, if you injure your plantar fascia, we tend to treat just the specific area instead of trying to find what failed in your system. If you can fin what failed and caused the injury, there will be a faster healing process that will last. Fascial restrictions or adhesions can occur when an outside force causes the fascia an exceed its normal tensile strength. When this occurs the fascia may tear, causing tiny micro tears in the tissue, resulting in adhesions or ‘scarring’ in the area. These restrictions can change the 3D spider web matrix from a parallel organized alignment to a tangled bundle running every which direction. Think of this as a bundle of tangled hair. If you don't take care of your hair it will knot, which will lead to pain!

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