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How we Roll

We’re a life and wellness brand rolling out this Spring. 

How Rove Came to Be…

We created Rove to rewrite the rules of fitness products. As fitness enthusiasts, we recognize the value of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, especially under the added stress and physical strain that comes with a travel-heavy schedule. We believe that everyone can benefit from regular foam rolling—no matter their level of fitness or physical activity. And we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to have adventures, experience life, and enjoy the world around them, while maintaining a healthy routine and positive sense of well-being. We’re committed to developing intuitive and elegantly designed products that help us all to achieve these goals; made from the highest quality materials, delivering intuitive functionality, resilient construction, and uncompromising performance for all.

Rove arrives…

We created a portable and packable foam roller that allows athletes to perform at a higher level both at home and on the road. The Rove foam roller is about the size of your laptop when in travel mode, and when constructed is the full industry standard (6”x 10.25”). 
Rove features foam high quality foam density and the correct pattern – domes and spikes – so it increases blood flow and breaks up muscle adhesions in the most effective way possible. As for the unique design? Let’s just say Rove looks a lot prettier than most foam rollers.